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  • Ensures compliance with water company requirements whilst giving your business the best protection from blocked drains

  • Ensures compliance with water company requirements whilst giving your business the best protection from blocked drains

  • Ensures compliance with water company requirements whilst giving your business the best protection from blocked drains

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Welcome to Goslyn in the UK

Goslyn Grease Removal Units (GRUs) are clear leaders in the protection of drainage infrastructure. Efficient and simple to operate, Goslyn GRUs help to minimise drain blockages for catering establishments like yours.

Now available direct from Goslyn in the UK, Goslyn GRUs represent the best value proposition for protecting your drains from fats, oils and greases.

Goslyn are the only fully certified GRU with no moving parts, timers or motors ensuring they are ‘always on’ and ready to protect your drains by continuously and permanently removing fats oils and greases (FOGs) together with solids from you waste water.

As a multinational business that markets direct, we can leverage our streamlined manufacturing and distribution network to offer the best prices for any comparable GRU.

As well as great prices you can be safe in the knowledge that you are investing in a world leading product fully tested, certified and trusted by Global food service brands.


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Goslyn: better for you and better for the environment

The highly efficient Goslyn GRU continuously and permanently removes solids, oils and grease from your wastewater.

Properly maintained, a Goslyn GRU releases grey water to drain that requires significantly less processing and energy use by the Water and Sewage Companies (WaSC). The recovered oils and fats have a low moisture content making then acceptable for addition into your waste oil collection bins for recycling. This combined reduction in your carbon footprint (carbon intensity) per site is increasingly important to your customers.

Manufactured from high quality 2.5mm stainless steel the Goslyn units will last and last!



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How does a Goslyn work?

The Goslyn units work in an incredibly simple and therefore reliable manner, there are no moving parts or timers to fail or set incorrectly nor are there any restrictions to the flow within the unit.

Goslyn simply lets gravity and some clever engineering principles accelerate the natural separation of oils and water.

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Certification and compliance

Because compliance is important to you, then so is the certification of your GRU – it separates scientifically established fact from ‘sales claim’. Goslyn GRUs have the highest NSF/PDI test results ever recorded.

With the PASS mark set at a modest 33%, the latest, greatest, magic-box or hydro-whatever may achieve certification; but check the numbers. Goslyn systems pass these tests with over 98% grease recovery at the declared flow rates.

Goslyn GRUs have the highest efficiency recorded for any Certified unit.

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Why Goslyn?

Goslyn has always involved former Senior Food Service Executives with experience in restaurant operation on a global scale, this engagement has allowed Goslyn to develop equipment that meets the requirement and needs or catering establishments from the operators perspective.

Goslyn GRUs are installed worldwide with ongoing installation programs for some of the most successful food service businesses and Institutions.



About Goslyn

Who trusts Goslyn

We could just pepper this website with the ‘comfort signals’ of numerous big brand logos. What matters to you though, is the level of business and the trust they have in Goslyn GRUs!

With the highest ever recorded pass percentage in our NSF/PDI test results Goslyn GRUs have thousands of sales world-wide, including repeat business with global restaurant brands. Our efficient and simple products, together with efficient and simple business model, have resulted in Goslyn products quickly establishing themselves as the market leader in every market served.


Who Trusts Goslyn?

What the Experts say

“Properly sized, properly installed and properly maintained, Automatic Grease Removal Devices (AGRD) are the BEST, BEST, BEST value.”


  • Easiest on the collection system downstream
  • Creates the least noxious materials
  • Captured FOG has most value

Max Weiss, Weiss Research / PDI Consultant

Max has served on ASME, IAPMO, ICC, PDI, and CSA committees having to do with grease interceptors.

Who We Work With

Foodservice operators
Foodservice operators
Goslyn AGRD units are tried, tested and trusted by food service operators around the world.
Foodservice chains
Foodservice chains
Our ability to support roll out programs for national and international food service chains has been established and proven over the past 18 years.
Design consultants
Design consultants
With a wide range of sizes and accessories, and unrivalled industry knowledge, Goslyn International can assist you to specify the most efficient and cost effective systems for your clients.
Plumbers and installers
Plumbers and installers
We understand that your reputation is on the line: by fitting Goslyn units for your client we will ensure that this valuable commodity is protected and enhanced. Installer incentives are available.
Service providers
Service providers
Goslyn AGRD units, with their low maintenance and simple operation will ensure your clients’ needs are met, whilst protecting you from costly call backs.
We have assisted numerous educational, healthcare and institutional providers over the years with simple cost efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to their drainage issues.

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What Customers are Saying:

  • “The Goslyn™ Grease Recovery Device is working flawlessly. It is simple to monitor and simple to maintain. And our drains have never worked better!”

    Aaron R, Ramada Hotels

  • “Our payback will be less than 18 months … we are taking this to the city council to push for your Goslyn™ units as a replacement for outdated, traditional grease traps. Goslyn™ is a win-win for all involved.”

    Sarah C, Ricky’s All Day Grill

  • “The Goslyn™ FOG separator, being located inside, makes it an easy device to check .. having increased enforcement regarding sewer overflows (sso) from the regulatory agencies such as EPA & Water Quality Board, make devices like Goslyn a welcomed piece of equipment.”

    Steve N., Santa Margarita Water District

  • “These units have proved invaluable in eliminating greasy wash water & eliminating ongoing drain blockage problems.”

    Mary K., YUM Brands